K9 Search and Rescue

The Quapaw Nation DPS and Emergency Management created a K9 Search Team to assist law enforcement and other organizations with their Search and Rescue / Search and Recovery efforts. Our K9 Search Team is certified through a nationally recognized organization in both "Live Find" Area Searching and Human Remains Detection (HRD). Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can provide you assistance.

The K9 Advantage

When a person goes missing, time can be our best friend or worst enemy. The faster we are notified and on the scene, the better chance we have of tracking the individual. Most search dogs are "air scent" (or area search) dogs, meaning they pick up the presence of their target odor via air particles. All humans constantly emit microscopic particles containing scent. By the millions, these particles can be carried by wind for considerable distances. Airborne scent is concentrated near its source, follows the air currents, and becomes more dilute the further it travels. This means we need to be out in front of the search party to have the best chance of picking up the airborne scent of the lost individual. 

Human Remains Detection (HRD)

We can also offer assistance with missing person cases where the victim is presumed deceased and buried. For example, determining where a crime may have taken place and finding unknown graves sites where bodies are to be exhumed. We train with donated human remains so that the K9 is able to recognize human decomposition in the soil or any absorbent material such as wood, drywall, furniture etc.

Item Shop

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