Nation Name

Tribal Name provides a brief but informative overview of the origin and significance of the tribal name "Quapaw" to our people. We explain how the name comes from our own name for ourselves, which means "downstream people" in our native language, and how it reflects our connection to the land and the importance of the river to our way of life. The content is presented in a simple and easy-to-read format, with subheadings and short paragraphs that organize the information effectively. We hope this resource offers a useful insight into our history and cultural identity for those interested in learning more about the Quapaw Nation.

Original Allottees

Provides information about the original allottees of the Quapaw Nation. It describes the history and significance of these individuals, who were assigned parcels of land under the Dawes Act in the early 1900s. The page explains the impact of allotment on the Quapaw Nation and discusses ongoing efforts to preserve the legacy of the original allottees. Visitors can learn about the tribe's cultural and historical connection to the land and the important role that the original allottees played in shaping the Quapaw Nation's identity.


Find here the calendar for events and activities organized by the Quapaw Nation. It provides a schedule of upcoming events, such as community meetings, cultural celebrations, and educational programs. The page also includes information on how to participate in these events, including registration details and contact information for organizers. Visitors can browse the calendar to find events that interest them and learn more about the Quapaw Nation's cultural traditions and community initiatives. The calendar is regularly updated with new events and activities, making it a useful resource for anyone interested in engaging with the Quapaw Nation.


Learn the history of the Quapaw Nation.

Clan Information

Read about the Clans of the Quapaw Nation.

Oral History

Audio clips and transcripts of Elder interviews.
Oral History

Nation Newsletters

Read up to date information on Tribal news and events.
Tribal Newsletters


Browse the photo gallery for photos of various events.

Annual Quapaw Nation Pow Wow

Check out the Quapaw Pow Wow dates and information.
Pow Wows

Quapaw Royalty

Learn about these ambassadors of the Quapaw Tribe and Quapaw PowWow

Quapaw Tribal Ancestry

Detailed information about Quapaw Families, Language, Culture, Stories, and other Historical information.
Quapaw Ancestry

Quapaw Language

Learn more about the Quapaw Language, and get class information.
Quapaw Language

Quapaw Flag

History and Significance of the Quapaw Flag
Tribal Flag