Tribal Elder Housing

Vision Statement

To Provide our Elders with Safe, Comfortable, Affordable Housing in O-Gah-Pah Nation.

One Bedroom Units

The Quapaw Tribe Business Committee is proud to announce that the dream of providing Quapaw Tribal Elder Housing has become a reality. Site improvements for the units, located on land behind the Title VI complex on Whitebird St. in Quapaw, are complete. Three of the first one-bedroom duplexes are complete. This means a total of six new homes for our Elders who are age 62 or over are now occupied. We will also be constructing a number of the remaining units starting in spring of 2013. Each unit includes all appliances as well as a safe room located in the master closet. The homes are adjacent to the Title VI dining room, the Tribal Library and the Museum in Quapaw which will enhance the quality of life for our Elders. Contact the Quapaw Tribal Housing Department at 918-542-1430 for more information.

Housing Lottery Drawing

Housing Lottery7_thumb.JPG The drawing of the names of Elders who had expressed interest in living in the units was placed in a public lottery to determine everyone's order, or "place in line". The lottery was held on Saturday, December 10, 2011. Those whose names were chosen in the lottery must submit a full application taking into consideration the minimum age requirement of 62.

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