Realty / Trust

Monthly Update

  • Current leasing projects consist of billboard signs, agriculture, and town lots of Quapaw.
  • The Realty Department is also working on conveyances in the forms of gift deeds and sales of interest.
  • To-date the Realty Department has submitted two fee-to-trust acquisitions, of which one has been approved and is nearing closing. The second has come out if the preliminary title opinion with four minor requirements needed.
  • The Realty office has two mortgages currently in progress.


The mission of the Realty/Trust program is to provide services to the members of the Quapaw Tribe in helping to manage their restricted/trust property if needed; and, acquire the best use and income for their property through leasing (farming and grazing, business sites and/or ground rent). We are also assisting the Probate Clerk in obtaining wills for the members of the Quapaw Tribe and other Native Americans.

Services Provided:

  • Leases on restricted or trust land for individually owned or Tribal owned land.
  • Gift deeds, sales, exchanges on individually owned restricted or trust lands. Tribal lands owned in trust takes an act of Congress.

Our Services Also Include:

  • Inspections for trespassing/boundary line disputes.
  • Leasing of restricted/trust land of individuals and tribal-owned lands.
  • Gift deeds, sales, exchanges of restricted/trust lands.
  • Deeds, legal description, location of lands.
  • Providing information on lands to members who own an interest in restricted/trust lands.
  • Providing information on lands owned to attorneys at the client's request.
  • Any action on restricted/trust lands that require approval by the Federal Government.
  • Provide assistance to various agencies for access to restricted/trust lands.
  • Forms must be picked up at the office or mailed to the individuals. These forms cannot be accessed online.
  • Notary services are available.

In addition, our office will provide services to the tribe in processing fee to trust acquisitions, leasing tribal lands, assisting in checking land sales for encumbrances if the tribe is to build on said lands.

Land Buy-Back Program

Watch the Land Buy-Back Program informational video.