Realty / Trust


The Realty/Trust Services Department of the Quapaw Nation provides services to the restricted landowners within the Quapaw Reservation to help manage their restricted/trust property, if needed, and to acquire the best use and income for their property through leasing and/or permitting (farming and grazing, business sites and/or ground/residential lot rent).

Services Provided:

  • Leases on restricted or trust land for individually owned or Tribal owned land.
  • Gift deeds, sales, and exchanges on individually owned restricted or trust lands. Tribal lands owned in trust take an act of Congress.

Our Services Also Include:

  • Inspections for trespassing/boundary line disputes.
  • Trust Asset Account Management System (TAAMS) management.
  • Appraisal Services MOU management
  • Individual Tribal Interest Report (ITI) breakdowns and location of lands.
  • Assistance in estate planning and management for individuals that own trust/restricted interest.
  • Providing information on lands owned to attorneys at the client's request.
  • Assistance on any action on restricted/trust lands that require approval by the Federal Government.
  • Aid various agencies for access to restricted/trust lands.
  • Assist the Quapaw Nation in fee land acquisitions. 

In addition, our office will provide services to the tribe in processing fees to trust acquisitions, leasing tribal lands, and assisting in checking land sales for encumbrances if the tribe is to build on said lands.