Indian Child Welfare

Indian Child Welfare


The Quapaw Tribe maintains and operates an Indian Child Welfare program through the tribe. The program caters to vulnerable children. Indian Child Welfare is responsible for all children that reside within the boundaries of the Quapaw Nation Reservation that are enrolled or eligible to be enrolled in a Federally Recognized Tribe. Indian Child Welfare also works with all families and children that are enrolled or eligible to be enrolled in the Quapaw Nation across the United States. 

Preservation and Prevention:

Indian Child Welfare also works hard to preserve the family relationship and prevent the child or children being removed from the home. If a child is removed from their parental home, then we look to ensure the child can be placed with a family member. 

Foster Homes:

Indian Child Welfare is always looking for individuals or families that would like to be a foster home. This is important to be able to have Native American Foster homes as a placement option for children to be able to keep them connected to their tribe. 

Please contact Ashley Obrien/supervisor/lead ICW case manager or Christel Lawrence/case manager at 918.238.3152. Contact Quapaw Marshal’s service at 918-238-3137 to report a concern of abuse or neglect after hours, or the child abuse hotline at 1-800-522-3511.

  1. Ashley Obrien

    Supervisor / Lead ICW Case Worker

  2. Christel Lawrence

    ICW Case Manager